NICU Parenting   
The Emotional Journey
Welcome provides supportive information for parents on the emotional aspects of dealing with medical crisis during pregnancy, birth, and infancy. 

We also support and advocate for the practitioners who work with these parents, their babies, and their families. 

We focus on parenting in the NICU as well as bereavement and bereavement care. This website is a companion to our books.

Dear Parent,

As you know, parenting in the NICU is an intense experience.

On this website, you will find reassurance and guidance around the emotional aspects of parenting your baby or babies through hospitalization, homecoming, and ongoing development.

We offer tools and support to help you navigate your challenging, amazing, and heartfelt journey.

You are not alone. 


Dear Practitioner,

We recognize that you bear witness to the emotional turmoil and challenges of parenting in the NICU. 

On this website, you will find support and useful ideas to enhance your compassionate care of  babies and families.

We promote relationship-centered care, including developmentally supportive care for babies and their parents. Here, you too will find developmental support for the important work you do.

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