NICU Parenting   
The Emotional Journey


We hold the philosophy that collaborative relationships between parents and practitioners are the cornerstone of quality health care for babies and children.

If you are a parent, it is normal to feel intimidated by the doctors, nurses, and therapists who oversee your child’s care.  At first, you may feel unsure of your role and believe you have little to contribute.  These pages offer tips on effectively communicating and collaborating with your child’s health care team.

                                                    Communicating in the NICU

                                          Making Medical Decisions
                                                     Developmental Evaluations
                                                     CCMD Neonatal Guidelines


 If you are a practitioner, reading about the collaborative process from the parent's point of view can help you gather insights about what can help parents feel included as valuable collaborators on their baby's health care team.  You can also support parents by reinforcing the philosophy and suggestions contained in these pages. 

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