NICU Parenting   
The Emotional Journey


Congratulations on the birth of your baby or babies.

Please also accept our sympathy. Parenting in a neonatal intensive care unit is not an easy journey. But over time, you can learn the ropes, figure out how to provide the nurturing care your baby needs, and reap the rewards of bonding with your little one.

Whether your baby is in the NICU for hours, days, or weeks, and whatever the outcome, you can find parenting support here.

Tips for coping with your feelings about the NICU experience. 

Reaassurance about bonding with your baby in the NICU.

Finding a pediatrician for your baby after the NICU.

See also the Collaboration Pages for more information on navigating this journey.

Coming soon:

Coping with separation from your Baby

Growing confidence in the NICU

Getting support from family & friends


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